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L'histoire :

Julia, 30 years old, lives her life with intensity, between emergency room shifts and nights out  drinking with Rose, her best friend. But when she feels a small lump on her right breast, her reality wavers, and certain parts of her body come to life, expressing themselves openly about the challenges to be faced.

The story: In the press:

"We highly recommend reading this original and profound book." (Quebec Breast Cancer


"A novel about cancer but also about friendship, to be discovered without delay!" (Le Journal

des Femmes)

"A true writing feat, a titanic effort..." (La Bibliothèque de Juju, blogger and writer)

"A beautiful, touching, and funny novel;" (Féminin Bio)

"It's very moving when you get a closer look at what cancer patients go through: treatments,

remissions, and sometimes death... I loved this story that touched me deeply. A lovely pen full

of humor and sensitivity." (Recettes et Récits, blogger)

"A beautiful poetic, psychological, and humanistic fresco. A novel to be read without

moderation and without delay." (Neo N, educational staff; review on Netgalley)

"From the acceptance of the disease to the feelings experienced, through the consequences of

chemotherapy, I advise and even invite you to discover this book that I found fantastic!"

(Loredana; review on Netgalley)





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