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Dr. Aïcha NDoye: from the OR to the Olympia music hall. Itinerary of an amazing singer.

Aicha is a gynecologist and obstetrician surgeon, specialized in gynecological and breast surgery.

After studying medicine at the University of Bordeaux and completing her surgical internship in Poitiers, Aicha joined the Bordeaux Nord Polyclinic in 2021. In early 2023, a colleague filmed her in the operating room as she sang to a patient about to be put under anesthesia. The video was viewed over three million times on the internet, thrusting Aicha into the spotlight. She became the subject of articles in the national press and on television, and more recently, even internationally, with a feature on the American channel NBC News.

Capitalizing on this newfound fame, Aicha created her YouTube channel, @DrAicha, where she shares her knowledge with a broader audience.

She is also working on an album of songs with the group "Les Soignantes" (The Caregivers). You can find her on Instagram, @dr_aicha_ndoye, and on her YouTube channel, @DrAicha.

Listen to the episode:

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