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Grame SIMSION: from IT consultant to Bestselling author!

Graeme is a New-Zealand born, Australian author, screenwriter and playwright. He is a former IT consultant who, at age fifty, decided to try his hand at a new career, and become a writer.

His first book, “Rosie Project”, was first developed as a screenplay, before being turned into a novel, which turned out to be a good idea: after being published in 2014, it went on to win 8 awards, selling

over 3,5 million copies and being translated into 40 languages. Two more books followed in a series that came to be known as “The Rosie Project trilogy”. His other work includes “The best of Adam

Sharp”, Creative Differences and the Two Steps series with his partner, Anne Buist.

Graeme also wrote a guide for writers young and old, called “The Novel Project”, numerous short stories, and two books on data modeling. He was also involved as a writer-producer and many short films and plays.

His new book, “The Glass House”, cowritten with his partner Anne Buist, takes us on a fascinating dive into the lives of young psychiatrists. It will be available everywhere books are sold on March 27th!


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