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Lucy ADLINGTON: NYT best-selling author, presenter, and collector of vintage clothing.

My guest today is Lucy ADLINGTON. Lucy is an author, presenter, and collector of antique and vintage clothing. As a Young Adult writer, she is the author of many novels, including “The Red Ribbon”, a fictionalized account of the lives of women prisoners working in a fashion salon in the heart of the Auschwitz concentration camp. “The Red Ribbon” later evolved into a non-fiction book called “The Dressmakers of Auschwitz”, which was translated into 22 languages and stayed on the NY Times bestseller list for over 6 months. Earlier this year, Lucy published another non-fiction book titled “Great war fashion: Tales from the History Wardrobe”, in which she examines the wardrobe of women before, during and after the Great war. Lucy is also the creator of “The History Wardrobe” project. With her partners, Lucy Ridley and Meredith Towne, they give “costume-in-context” presentations around the UK, in venues as varied as museums, heritage sites and literary festivals. Part of their collection is being displayed as part of an exhibition called “Opening the wardrobe”, at the fashion gallery of the Bankfield Museum in Halifax, from February to December of this year. You can find all things Lucy on her website,

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