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Pr. Dan Ariely: The power of Misbelief, conspiration theories, and the danges of social media.

My guest today, is Dan ARIELY.

Professor Ariely is the James B. Duke Professor of Psychology and Behavioral Economics at Duke University and a founding member of the Center for Advanced Hindsight.

Dan has been doing research on decision-making and behavioral economics for over two decades. He holds two PhD’s, one in cognitive psychology, and another in business administration. In his effort to share his findings with the world, professor Ariely has written many books, including Predictably Irrational and The Upside of Irrationality (who of which became NYT bestsellers). He also participated in the creation of the movie Dishonesty and the card game Irrational Game. Recently, NBC released a TV series called “The Irrational”, which is based on Dan’s book Predictably Irrational.

During the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, professor Ariely found himself in the middle of a conspiration theory involving that led him to study the subject of misbelief for over two years. The result of this research is in his new book, titled “Misbelief; what makes rational people believe irrational things”.

You can fin him on Instagram, @danariely and on his website,

Professor Ariely's website:

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