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Sophie Nahum: filming the Last Survivors of the Holocaust.

Sophie is a documentary filmmaker.

After working for various television channels, she decided to become independent and produce films that were close to her heart.

Her first documentary as an independent director was "Young et moi," in which she followed the footsteps of the former boxing world champion Victor "Young" Perez, who was deported to Auschwitz. The film received awards at the International Festival of Current Affairs Documentary Films upon its release in 2015.

Her interactions with some survivors of concentration camps during the filming of "Young et moi" had a profound impact on Sophie. She realized two things: first, that with the passage of time, these men and women would soon be unable to testify, and second, that she, who had rarely spent time with Holocaust survivors before, discovered their humor, their resilience, and their zest for life—qualities often overlooked in more traditional documentaries about the Holocaust.

This realization led her to give them a voice. For some, it would be the first time they shared their stories, while for others, it would be a continuation of a life spent bearing witness. Through a series of short-format videos, Sophie embarked on a journey to meet the last witnesses of the Holocaust—survivors of the camps, hidden children, all with stories to tell. Seven years later, the project, titled "Les Derniers" (The Last Ones in English), comprises twenty-five videos available on the website, as well as two books simply titled "Les Derniers" and "Les Derniers/Enfants Cachés" (The Last Ones/Hidden Children). It has also garnered success on social media, with over a million likes on TikTok. Above all, almost 80 years after the end of the war, it represents a race against time, an urgent, vital, and indispensable endeavor.

Listen to the episode:

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