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Tatiana Brillant, head negociator for France's elite Raid unit for 13 years.

Tatiana is a lecturer, trainer, and consultant in security and crisis management. Prior to that, from 2004 to 2017, she served as a negotiator in RAID, the elite intervention unit of the French police. Tatiana initially pursued a career in law, but after completing her master's degree in law, she discovered the role of a negotiator in RAID, and it was a revelation: she left her studies and joined the police force as an officer. This marked the beginning of thirteen exciting years of work, during which Tatiana experienced countless crisis situations, ranging from standoffs with armed individuals barricaded in their homes to hostage situations and even terrorist attacks. After leaving RAID, Tatiana worked for a major French industrial group, particularly in the areas of security, ethics, and compliance. Today, Tatiana shares her expertise with leaders, diplomats, managers, and employees of government and private organizations. In 2019, her book "La voix du RAID, négocier pour sauver des vies," written in collaboration with Christine Desmoulins, was published by Mareuil Editions. Her numerous operational commitments have earned her recognition from the FBI and the title of Knight of the National Order of Merit. She holds a master's degree in law and holds the rank of commander in the French police.

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