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From Périgueux to Bayonne, from Bordeaux to Villeneuve-sur-Lot, he shares his doubts, fears, and joys with us. He makes us experience the anxiety of the first on-call shift, the wild energy of the party, sleepless nights, and black coffee. Genuine friendships are formed under these extreme conditions, love reveals its face, death is never far away, but life always prevails. Welcome to a dizzying three-year journey that forever marks the young interns who make it through. They come out changed; they come out as doctors.

In the press:

"Jonathan recounts his first field experiences with seriousness and derision... valuable life lessons" (Sud-Ouest)

"Far from being just another pamphlet on the atmosphere of on-call rooms, this very personal and very funny book will undoubtedly immerse you in the frantic pace of your best years" (Le Généraliste)

"Jonathan Hammel remains sober, realistic, almost mechanical at times, were it not for the underlying pain that sometimes hides in the folds of the lab coat and is not always heard through the stethoscope" (Le Journal du Périgord)

As always, Jonathan Hammel humorously describes the first day of the first internship, which is undoubtedly the most impressive. Faced with this challenge, the young doctor seems to believe that the role of an intern goes hand in hand with that of an actor. "What do you feel when you put on the doctor's attire? Let me tell you one thing (...): the clothes do make the man, or in this case, the doctor", he says when recalling his first day visiting the hospital in Périgueux. (Journal International de Médecine)

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