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Denise HAMILTON: the magic of being INDIVISIBLE.

Denise is an author, keynote speaker and inclusion strategist.

In her work, Denise uses her 25 years of executive experience with Fortune 500 organizations like AOL and CBRE to provide solutions that support employees and the bottom line. Some of the companies that have trusted her to analyze and solve difficult problems, include household names like Meta,

Amazon, Shell and the WNBA.

A few years ago, Denise decided to write a book, using the knowledge she’d found in her work as a nationally recognized DEI expert (that’s diversity, equity and inclusion).

The result is her book: “Indivisible: how to forge our differences into a stronger future”, which will be available everywhere on February 6th. It has been described by professor Adam Grant, the bestselling author of “Think Again” and “Originals”, as “an extremely powerful and surprisingly practical read”.

You can find all things Denise on her website:

To listen to the podcast:

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